White Paper

& Automation with BBGO

The future crypto trading bot designed for grid trading and market making

What is BBGO?

BBGO is an open source crypto trading bot designed for grid trading and market making, implemented in Google Go programming language. With BBGO, you can connect your strategy to different crypto exchanges like Binance, FTX or MAX.



Multi-Exchange Sessions

You can manage multiple crypto exchange connections in the same time, in the same BBGO process, just with few simple configuration

Modular Trading Strategy

You can easily extend BBGO with your own trading strategies by simply importing a Go package

Simple YAML Configuration

The strategy configurations are defined with a simple, concise spec in the YAML format.


rid Trading

Most of the grid trading solutions are not open-sourced, they are deployed in a black-box, you can't check the source code, you can't change the logic, you can't improve it. With BBGO, you can view the code, you know what is doing inside, you can customize your own grid trading strategy without any limit.

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Phase 1

Support futures market trading on at least one centralized exchange

Add futures related strategies.

Phase 2

Add more Top 10 CEX exchange support. Chosen exchanges should have already been listed in CoinMarketCap.

Add more trading strategies.

Phase 3

Add DEX support

Supported Crypto Exchanges

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